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Friday, January 27, 2006

Expression Interactive Designer a.k.a. "Sparkle"

The strongest statement yet about the power of the Windows Presentation Foundation was made this week when the Expression Interactive Designer's first community technology preview (CTP) was released. This is the culmination of years of work by both the Sparkle team and the Avalon platform team. Not only is Expression Interactive Designer a professional design tool for building WPF applications, it is built using WPF. I cannot emphasize enough the significance of that statement. And I have no doubt, that right there is a testament to the power of the WPF platform. And if you don't buy that, the download is just a couple clicks away. Try it for yourself. And if you like it, please pass it on to your designer friends.
Expression Interactive Designer
With Sparkle er... EID, Microsoft tips its hat to the designer community. Sparkle aims to make the as yet mythical designer-developer continuum a reality.

It is extremely difficult building a product on a platform that is ever evolving: with bugs and breaking changes, docs that don't quite keep up, API additions, redactions and renames galore. I am happy that our early adopter partners and customers (Sparkle included) have steadfastly stuck with us and their continual feedback has rounded off a virtuous cycle. The success of our platform is really in our partners' and customers' success. And vice versa.

Congratulations to the Sparkle team on this first release to the community. Expression Interactive Designer is the conscience of Windows Presentation Foundation. Oh, this is an exciting time to be working at Microsoft!

Try Expression Interactive Designer for free


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