Even a chimp can write code

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Doing no evil

I had bought into the whole "Do no evil" line there for a little bit. I am now very cynical whenever I see it bandied about or see someone in the media swoon over it. Guess I have those Cialis ads to thank, for teaching me its unnatural to be aroused for more than 4 hours on end.

Take this ad for instance, which appears on bugmenot.com when you navigate to it in IE. The hyperlink on that ad takes you to a download page on Google's website. [Red underline mine, for emphasis. Like it needed any!]

Whoa! What did ya say? I don't remember getting that memo.

More so than that line, the last bullet point really made me snort my coffee. That's right all you sheep, get that browser because "It's what the pros use"! Apparently we are incapable of making a decision even if it came with a recipe.

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