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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Peter Drucker, RIP

I never thought I'd be admitting this, but I really miss New England sometimes. The one downside of being away from the Boston area is that you don't reliably get to listen to WBUR or WRNI, the excellent NPR news stations of Boston and Rhode Island, respectively.

Peter Drucker died last week at age 95. So when I heard the news, I looked up WBUR's website for some bit of news, or tribute to the great man. Sure enough, Tom Ashbrook's December 2004 interview with Drucker was featured prominently.

If you've never heard of Drucker or fail to understand the significance of this "loss", I'd advise you to listen to the interview. For the rest of us, Peter Drucker's contributions are so numerous, it would be insulting to list but a few of them. He leaves us richer for the knowledge he shared with us.

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