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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stepping outside the browser with Silverlight 4

Thanks to all those who attended the talk "CL10 - Stepping outside the browser with Silverlight 4" at the Mix 2010 conference or caught it via the recorded session online. I talked about the evolution of Silverlight into a general purpose development platform, far away from its origins as a browser plugin. I walked through features that light up outside the browser through our deliberate nested doll design approach - both in Silverlight 3 and continuing into Silverlight 4 now. I also talked about trusted apps and emphasized how important getting the right user experience and removing friction from app deployment was to us in the Silverlight team.

Here is the slide deck from the talk. Source code for the basic sandboxed app is archived here; and code for the trusted app can be found here. Hope you find it valuable.

The Q&A session at the end was very useful. I appreciate all the interest in this space and was happy to learn of the apps people were building. We could only get here "with a little help from our friends" in the ecosystem. We can continue that conversation on this blog, or you can send me email (ashsh).

Update: as a postscript, the slide deck I linked to here looks different from the one I used in the talk. Due to "technical difficulties" the podium machine had an older copy of the deck from one of my previous uploads, and I only found out once I was into the talk (silly me for not checking). So if I looked like I crapped a brick at the beginning, now you know why. Live and learn.

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