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Sunday, June 20, 2004

As welcome as a turd in a pool

Now this kind of stupidity must really result in people getting fired. Lots of people. Whole teams. Not in this case though. In Boing Boing, Xeni Jardin blogs about Spiderman going to Bollywood:

Marvel Comics and Gotham Entertainment Group are introducing a new version of Spiderman regionalized for South Asian audiences. In the Indian version, Peter Parker becomes Pavitr Prabhakar; instead of fighting the Green Goblin he'll battle Rakshasa, a mythical Indian demon. He's wearing a sarong-like garment, and he has unstoppable spiritual powers of asskickage. Link. (Thanks, Robin Pen)

I strongly encourage you to follow the link to Gotham Comics above and see this idiocy for yourself. Unbelievable! First the Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst sleep inducer. Now this. I wonder what Stan Lee has to say about the decline of his creation. I grew up in India and like all the other 80s kids I knew there, I too was into Spidey comics. We watched open mouthed, his every move in the weekly animation series on network television; supreme admiration written large on our faces. We spent many a boring hour at school doodling Spiderman's action sequences in the back of our notebooks. We didn't know Spiderman had a romantic side or a spiritual one. We didn't care! That's why this new avatar of Spiderman is as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool. But maybe its all about pandering. Maybe its all about the money.

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