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Monday, April 30, 2007

Meet Silverlight

Today at the Mix 07 conference, Microsoft is announcing a couple preview releases of Silverlight. Silverlight v1.0 Beta is the next in series to the two community technology previews (CTPs) released with the codename "WPF/E".

Silverlight v1.1 Alpha is a sneak peek at some future functionality.

While it is unusual to have two separate pre-release trains for a product, we believe that there's nothing like real code and real samples to demonstrate our feature set, roadmap and intent. The team has been aggressively cranking out code, delivering key features with tight deadlines. Please download the builds, play with them, build apps and tell us what you think.

Here's an incomplete list of new features or enhancements in Silverlight 1.0 Beta:
  • VideoBrush - Used to paint shapes and text with video content.
  • WMS streaming support
  • Media markers / script command support
  • Playlist support (ASX subset)
  • Improved video playback smoothness
  • Cleaned-up animation model
    • Animations now go in a Canvas.Resources block

  • Support for downloading and unpacking .zip files
  • Support for cross-domain downloads
  • Improved text rendering
  • Ink support
  • Improved javascript programming
    • Enum support
    • Better error handling
    • Support for delegates as event handlers
    • Sandboxed javascript mode
  • Namescope support
  • New properties for UI manipulation:
    • Z-Index
    • Visibility
    • IsHitTestVisible
  • Downloading fonts for TextBlock

Silverlight v1.1 Alpha contains a flavor of .NET, with support for languages such as C# and VB and dynamic languages such as Python, Ruby, VBx etc. The v1.1 Alpha build is a superset that includes the functionality delivered in v1.0 Beta. Unlike v1.0 Beta, the v1.1 Alpha does not give you a Go Live license. We expect that you'll evaluate and explore it and give us feedback on what you don't like and what you'd like to see more of. Get involved. We're listening.

Get Silverlight now!

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  • Does the new 1.1 Alpha include controls like Button/Listbox or any layout panels other than Canvas? Also, what is the support for Databinding? Keep up the good work!

    By Anonymous Rob, at April 30, 2007 at 2:41 PM  

  • Yes, but not as part of the runtime. We released a small set of controls as source code samples with the 1.1 Alpha SDK. See my post: http://nerddawg.blogspot.com/2007/05/silverlight-ui-controls.html

    I'd love your feedback on them. And thanks for the cheers, Rob.

    By Blogger Ashish Shetty, at May 3, 2007 at 3:42 PM  

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