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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why TiVo when you can Freevo?

Build your own PVR is dedicated to building your own Personal Video Recorder (PVR), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Home Theater PC (HTPC) from scratch using PC parts and software.

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  • Freevo: $1K+
    Tivo: $500 (w/ lifetime service)
    Look on the face of a Freevo owner when he realises that: priceless


    By Blogger madfinn, at December 19, 2004 at 7:24 AM  

  • I agree the TiVo unit is cheaper, but they also have a monthly subscription fee.

    There is a very unique thrill with building your own as opposed to buying one off the shelf. I am sure people who build hot rods, for instance, can afford to buy regular cars. But they do it because of the joy that creating and assembling gives, even as that would be more expensive than buying one.

    By no means should my post above about building your own PVR/DVR be considered a rebuke of TiVo. I think TiVo is a great product and given that, continues to have a growing, loyal user base. I am merely offering another point of view in terms of choices you have.

    By Blogger Ashish, at December 20, 2004 at 5:29 AM  

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