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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Testers: Are they Vegetable or Mineral?

This incisive essay is a must read for testers everywhere so they don't annoy their developer colleagues to the point of homicide.

Here's a checklist of undesirable behavior exhibited by testers, as compiled by Mr. Ed [www.hacknot.info]:

  • Abbreviating Instructions for Reproducing the Bug

  • Not Identifying the Erroneous Behavior

  • Not Identifying the Expected Behavior

  • Not Justifying the Expected Behavior

  • Re-opening Old Bug Reports for New Bugs with Similar Symptoms

  • Testing an Old Version of the Software

  • Inventing Requirements Based Upon Personal Preference

  • Omitting Screen Shots

  • Using Vague or Ambiguous Wording

  • Diagnosing Instead of Reporting

  • Exaggerating the Priority of a Bug

  • Justifying Partial Coverage with Appeals to Bad Assumptions

Testers of the world, mend your ways and we just might get along.

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