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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eyes On Darfur

Amnesty International's Eyes On Darfur project just went live. It uses satellite imagery to get a neighborhood watch going over 12 vulnerable villages in Darfur. The idea being that with the eyes of the world on Darfur, the repressionist establishment and its cohorts there would not go about business as usual.

The project claims to leverage "the power of high-resolution satellite imagery to provide unimpeachable evidence of the atrocities being committed in Darfur - enabling action by private citizens, policy makers and international courts. Eyes On Darfur also breaks new ground in protecting human rights by allowing people around the world to literally "watch over" and protect twelve intact, but highly vulnerable, villages using commercially available satellite imagery."

There's much to be said about the low resolution images. But this is a cause that is dear to Ashley and I, and we're happy to see Amnesty do this if only to increase awareness. There's another project that's been in the works for a while and I hope to talk about that soon.


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