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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WPF/E vs DHTML vs Flash vs WPF performance test

Rob sent a link to this post by Alexey Gavrilov who did some benchmarking on a variety of client technologies: DHTML, Flash, WPF/E and WPF. Alexey summarizes the test results thus:

Here are results I got testing with 16 [animated bouncing] balls on my Pentium M 1.7 laptop:

Browser DHTML Flex WPF/e WPF
IE 6.0 56 61 84 99
Firefox 55 52 58 -
Opera 9.01 94 50 - -
[...] WPF/e is much faster in IE than in Firefox, which seems equally slow for all three tests. The expected result is that WPF runs faster than anything else. The unexpected is that WPF/e is faster than Flash despite the fact that it’s been in the market for years.

Since the tests focus on a narrow animation sample, one would be cautious to put too much into the results. Regardless, the findings are very interesting. Alexey has posted sources for the tests so you can run them on your own machine.

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