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Monday, October 09, 2006

Notes from the Mozilla team's visit to Microsoft campus

Last week, the Mozilla team was on campus. I've been following their visit via the journal that Vladimir Vukićević has maintained on his blog.

  • Redmond, Pt. 1: Says he hopes to figure out the 2D rendering in Vista and some Direct3D aspects.

  • Redmond, Pt. 2: App compat, UAC, DPI awareness and the XBOX 360 room

  • Redmond, Pt. 3: By this time he's amused and slightly irked that just about everybody he meets is a Program Manager. Talks about CardSpace, Windows Installer and WiX, Watson, IE and running in Low Integrity Level, and closes with a SuperFetch rant

  • Redmond, Pt. 4: Clarification on SuperFetch and UAC. No he's not drinking the Microsoft kool-aid just yet. WPF/E, parental controls in Vista, IE again, and has some good advice for us on WhatWG.

  • Missing pieces: He's excited about Low Integrity Mode with UAC and a project to integrate CLR languages with Firefox as first-class scripting language providers.

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