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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Mad Finn as a pro gamer

Tero is among the top 64 qualifiers from North America in the Project Gotham Racing 3 worldwide tournament!

When I first added Tero to my friends list on XBOX Live, I looked at his profile. I'm a newbie to gaming and this was just a few days after I'd bought my console. So imagine my contempt for the guy when I slide in my shiny new PGR3 DVD - intent on playing the Steel level - and see that he'd already won tournaments at Gold level. No surprise that I've never asked to play him on XBOX Live. That'd be like challenging Mika Häkkinen to a drag race.

I'll be rooting for him this time though.

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  • Hahha, contempt, eh??? :)

    Well, I didn't make it too far. I got eliminated in the first elimination round. The race ended with a big bang...

    Check my blog for updates. I had some of my friends record the race from Gotham TV and will post videos of the race as soon as I get them hosted somewhere semi-decent (like Google Video, you Microsoft people!)

    The big bang footage is already on my blog. It didn't look THAT bad when I was racing...oh man!

    By Blogger madfinn, at May 4, 2006 at 11:40 PM  

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