Even a chimp can write code

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Why are we here?

I say this aloud very often: "Even a trained monkey can write code" and have drafted many an email with this theme in the sub-text. It is usually directed to the higher-ups, trying to convince them that the development team needs more than just regular code-cutters. I know a lot of people share my sentiment and can't for the life of them figure out why others just don't get it. I have other rants too. Some of them unprintable. So it was only when I realized how stupidly simple it is to create a blog such as this -- no doubt made for chimps like me -- that I figured I had at last got a vehicle to air my rantings. If I thought anybody would bother reading this, then I'd be diagnosed with a clinical form of delusion. For some time now, I have wanted to jot down ideas about software architecture, design, coding and testing; ideas that I stumble upon or bookmark or conceive or promote. This web log will help organize those random ideas somewhat.

There will always be questions that raise issues [thank you Kafka!]; questions that will raise further questions when first answers are given to them; questions that could seldom be answered simply by Yes or No; hypothetical questions that present suppositions -- the implications or consequences of which are to be examined; questions that are complex and have many related parts, to be taken up in an orderly manner.

Yes, inconvenient questions must be asked. Uncomfortable situations must be created. Ideas need to be thrown around. Beautiful code needs to be written. That's why we are here.

- Ashish 'nerddawg' Shetty -

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